the music of sound



Eleven Short Stories sets out their pastoral mix of classical, ambient and Dream Pop sensibilities. The band, who made their live debut on the BBC Introducing Stage at Latitude made No 2 in the RTE RinaG Best Tracks of 2022. They also had a single remastered by Tom Robinson while Stuart Maconie described Neil as ‘an old friend of the show’ on BBC Radio 6 Music‘s Freak Zone. The Music Of Sound unites veteran Welsh composer Neil March (Synth & Electronics) with the impressive vocal and piano skills of young Israeli artist Florie Namir (Piano & Vocals) and the virtuoso flute playing of National Youth Orchestra member Elena Trent (Flute). 3 classical musicians making unique and beautiful, pastoral music. Neil says of the album: ‘It’s oddly nostalgic in parts for an album that is so future-facing in approach. But the tracks represent different moments in time, some past, some present’.


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‘Beautiful with a pastoral feel throughout’ – Mark L Beazley, aka Rothko